1. "This is the freedom fight of the children of globalisation, who have come through a world recession to find that the promises of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, declared in the austere 1940s, have yet to be made real for millions of girls even in the more affluent world of 2014." I feel like Gordon Brown is ignoring the fact that affluence in the 2014 is reliant on children, girls, and the less visible and wealthy in the developing world being exploited. Our affluence, and their marginalisation and inability to access “universal human rights” are two sides of the same coin.

  2. More brilliance here from Andrew P Street, highlighting that we totally have the capacity to run Australia’s energy entirely on renewables. Hell Yeah! Love, exciting and (re)new… Then again, there is some legitimately good news that’s worth hearing, especially when the government is determined to expand mining and eliminate programmes that limit emissions of greenhouse gases: not only could Australia genuinely switch to 100% renewable energy right now, we’re uniquely well positioned to do it, and we’re already moving in that direction regardless. It’s a story that doesn’t get a lot of play - certain US-based media magnates like to scoff about wind farms and the like, and it seems that much of the media kinda falls into the line with that - but as we’ve mentioned here before, on Friday June 30 South Australia’s wind farms generation exceeded the state’s supply for the first time. And before you go “OK, it’s a one off”, a trio of UNSW researchers sat down and crunched the numbers on Australia’s energy mix - based on our existing generation capacity - and found yep, we could totally do it. The optimal mix, by the way, is 46% wind generation, 22% concentrated solar thermal with thermal storage, 20% photovoltaic solar (as in electricity generated directly from sunlight), 6% biofuelled gas turbines 6% and existing hydroelectricity. There’s an article on it right here, and it links to all of the data. Ah, you might respond, but solar and wind are unreliable! They can’t possibly do it without interruption! Yeah, they had all the power useage data to hand and crunched those numbers too. One of the researchers, associate professor Mark Diesendorf, responds thusly: “It turns out that wind and solar photovoltaic are only unable to meet electricity demand a few times a year. These periods occur during peak demand on winter evenings following overcast days that also happen to have low wind speeds across the region. Since the gaps are few in number and none exceeds two hours in duration, there only needs to be a small amount of generation from the so-called flexible renewables (those that don’t depend on the vagaries of weather): hydro and biofuelled gas turbines. Concentrated solar thermal is also flexible while it has energy in its thermal storage.” So, to recap: we can absolutely, 100% go entirely renewable with zero emissions any time we want. The tech is there, most of the infrastructure is there, and if you’re worried about power prices this is your best bet to see them drop. It’s a real thing. Hell, the power companies are already using them and passing the savings on to… well, themselves at this point. As professor Diesendorf explains: “South Australia nominally has two coal-fired power stations, several gas-fired ones, and at least 15 operating wind farms. Wind now supplies an annual average of 27% of South Australia’s electricity generation. As a result, one of the coal stations is now shut down for half the year and the other for the whole year. And the state’s electricity supply system is operating reliably without the need for any additional non-renewable energy supply.” Yeah, I didn’t know this either. Renewables are not a pipe dream, despite what Diamond Joe “Wind Farms Make Me Sad In My Feelings-Hole” Hockey says. You know how we know they work? Because South Australia is still on. And now you know about it, and you’re going to start telling everyone, right? Because this is amazing, awesome, wonderful news.

  3. A lot of love for Andrew P Street's always brilliant 10 Things today. Here he is nailing the issue of calls of a double standard off Jackie Lambie's ill advised comments on radio yesterday.

    Like Lambe to the slaughter Oh yeah, Tasmanian senator Jackie Lambe is on the lookout for a rich husband with a big wang. And said so on radio. “They must have heaps of cash and they’ve got to have a package between their legs,” the parliamentarian and intellectual heavyweight said on morning radio on Hobart’s Heart FM. “They don’t even need to speak.” And now the medias are filled with breathless comments about how this indicates a terrible sexist double standard - we all think it’s funny when someone says that they like big dicks, b-b-but what if the genders were reversed? “Just imagine if a male politician had offered a similar opinion, about say, a woman needing to be “really rich and have massive boobs”,” opined Judith Ireland in the SMH. “It would be a career-ending, resigning offence. Facebook groups would spring up in protest. People would make t-shirts and take to the streets in outrage.” And she’s right, and people would be absolutely correct to do so - exactly as people are right to currently go “seriously? Wow. That was a stupid thing to say on radio,” and continue going about their lives. And that is because - once again - there is a difference between treating people equally and treating people identically. Historically men and women have been treated differently in our society with regards their value as human beings and their degree of sexual attractiveness, because our society is deeply sexist. Men are not routinely judged on the size of their cock, for example. It’s not a stereotype deliberately used to make men feel that their entire value as a person is between their legs. Hey chaps, any of you planning on going to work today wearing pants that are too short and cold for the weather because you feel that unless you show off your package people will ignore you? No, of course you’re not. Women, however, are judged on their appearance by everyone every freakin’ day. We have entire global competitions based around judging women’s sexual desirability: the swimsuit section is all about checking out the massiveness of the boobs and allocating points accordingly. What Lambe said was stupid, but it wasn’t terrifyingly gosh-darn sexist. Mock-offended radio jocks, you can stop protecting the precious fee-fees of offended men.
  4. Divine. Booked tickets to go see this wonderful musician play.

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    Rolling Stone article with Laura Marling

    is it OK that I cried while reading this?

    She makes me wanna be a better me.

    This is divine. And it has confirmed for me that I should go an get my first tattoo today.

  6. John Oliver pulling apart America’s income inequality problem.

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    "I write in my journal everyday."
    “Why’s that?”
    “So much happens in life, I think it’s good to live it again and get some distance from it. Or else everything is in a muddle, like on a merry-go-round.”

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    Photographs by Thom Sheridan

    In 1986, the United Way attempted to break the world record for balloon launches, by releasing 1.5 million balloons, which resulted in two deaths, millions in lawsuits, and a devastating environmental impact.

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  9. "There’s nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood… And understanding someone else."
    — ♥LIKE : Brad Meltzer, The Inner Circle (via graceandcompany)

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    i think he is taking this pretty serious since he knows the whole dance

    Just killing it

    I sincerely hope that he keeps being so fantastic.


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  11. Three Hallmarks of a Civilized Mind


    1. You put the concerns of humanity before those of your tribe.

    2. You can entertain and accept perspectives you disagree with.

    3. You can enjoy pursuits which challenge you to be your best.


  12. Navel gazing for your Friday - A blog post in which I compile all my personality test results to figure myself out.



  14. Today

    Had perhaps the worst day of my professional life and pretty sure someone just mistook me as being pregnant on the train.

    Yoga tomorrow then.

  15. This is divine.

    Life in the slow lane.

    "Mod cons are just that - cons."